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Our foundations for success

Our foundations for success are not an afterthought; they are simply the summation of the values of the people we have on our team that have contributed to our success.

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Some of our recent projects

Earthwork 4D models

Earthwork 4D models of existing and proposed grade are validated by solid-model visualizations, and authoritative printed reports. Enter the plan data from PDF, TIF or CAD files, or digitize from prints, Earthwork 4D corrects for stripping, structural sections, compaction of rock, and much more to create the most accurate possible quantity takeoff and 4D model of your construction sub-grade. It provides the strongest possible foundation for earthwork profitability on commercial, residential, industrial and public agency sites. The software is based on the latest 4D technology that lets you to accelerate your construction earthwork estimation. The most natural perception of the whole cut-and-fill process makes your job faster, easier and more accurate.

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Advantages of using LB3

High Productivity

Our late model fleet of equipment can maximize run time and minimize down time. Overall production helps with reducing overall project schedule.

GPS Machine Control

Machine control on all grading equipment assist with accuracy and efficiency.

Company Culture

LB3 is committed to maintaining our reputation is a great place to work, and a safe place to work. As one of the premier contractors in California we expect a high standard for ethics and delivering on your word.

Value Engineering

Our team looks at all aspects of the projects and assist with minimizing overall costs to the owner by looking at the entire project and helping with earthwork logistics, material management, overall schedule, and evaluating project objectives.

"Our established reputation is built from a solid relationship with clients and owners. To ensure success in all endeavors, LB3 makes sure each project is analyzed thoroughly from inception and executed precisely through completion. LB3 continues to excel, in an ever changing market, with honesty and amicable communication. LB3 will bring our professional attributes to all projects in the sectors of land development."

- Larry Brown

Hear what our Customers have to say

LB3 is excellent to work with. They are reliable, problem solvers, on schedule, have exemplary communication, and truly experts at what they do."
Cornerstone Communities
We look forward to the opportunity to work with LB3 Enterprises and consider them one of our “Go-To” contractors for any rock excavation project."
Hayward Baker
I highly recommend LB3 Enterprises for any project you are developing. I know you will find the quality you expect from LB3."
Newland Communities
LB3 has displayed good judgement skills by pushing through inclement weather conditions and always maintaining safety as their number one priority."
City of Oceanside